About Eastchild Records


Eastchild Records is a digital music record label of UCM.ONE Gmbh represented by Mr. Özgür Ates. Eastchild Records is located in Frankfurt/Germany and focuses mediterran beats, oriental vibes, lounge, ambient, jazz, soul, chill out, beach tunes, instrumental beats and fuses music of world cultures.

Music exploitation can be somehow difficult because of all the different rights which needs attention. Master rights, publishing rights, performing rights, neighborhood rights and distribution rights needs to be arranged. Eastchild Records and the daredo network can offer producers, artists and composers several different or combined deals to get everything or parts of it handled well. Depending on what the demand is, our partners have the following options to work with:

For many years now, the Frankfurt based Eastchild Records and Berlin-based UCM.ONE Gmbh stands for the successful combination of physical and digital exploitation of music (incl. master rights, neighborhood rights and distribution rights). The company has long concentrated on the digital exploitation of music and gained expertise in this business area which is highly-demanded. Step by step, the activities have been extended for upload and accounting of digital content, which made daredo media the primary contact for many artists and producers when it comes to making their digital content available to the market on different portals such as iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, Spotify etc. UCM.ONE Gmbh still sometimes releases physical products on CD and/or vinyl to serve the fans and music lovers. UCM.ONE Gmbh currently represents repertoire and productions by more than 1.000 artists, bands, singers and producers. The company is running several labels for different genres and styles. Besides variable marketing and promotion strategies for the different labels such as Eastchild Records, Plastic City, Mole Listening Pearls, UCA Records or Harthouse, each label works on its own under the administration umbrella of UCM.ONE Gmbh. Beside this, UCM.ONE Gmbh also offers administration deals to third-party labels like Playhouse and Uptrax Records.

In our network UCM.ONE Gmbh is responsible for the copyrights (publishing rights). daredo publishing represents an international repertoire with more than 5.000 songs of recording artists, singers and songwriters. Together with the partners EMI Music Publishing, Kiel Publishing and BMG we are able to combined with our individual service, our aim is to bridge the gap between our clients, the artists, and professional music users in media and advertising. Today, the demand for music is greater than ever due to the growing number of TV and radio broadcasts, commercials, live performances, video games, and online/mobile platforms. Artists, songwriters and rights owners can generate additional exposure and higher revenues if they rely on proficient support in managing their music rights. Our services from daredo publishing and its partners to artists & writers are manyfolded and could comprise: creative marketing, marketing songs to artists, producers and labels, songwriter development, copyright administration and licensing.

digedo, a subsidiary of daredo GmbH, is one of the leading independent digital music distribution companies in Europe. Presently the repertoire consists of 350.000+ tracks from more than 650 label partners. digedo works with all relevant digital music stores and streaming services all over the world. The distribution service relies on a proprietary and constantly enhanced technology platform. digedo also offers all constumers and partners the in-house content management console (CMC) which allows all partners a maximum of convenience, transparency and security. The CMC includes an upload-tool (CMC Producer), a full analytics-tool, files in the cloud (to get secure access from everywhere you want if you´re online all the time) and daily figures (if the shop-partner or portal carrier deliver this datas). Additionally, digedo offers pressing & distribution deals (vinyl and CDs) for selected labels and exploit audiovisual content (f.e. monetizing music videos) at all the important video portals like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vevo, Muzu and MyVideo. Beyond sales and distribution, digedo also does marketing and promotion for key releases of labels and artists.

For more information about the different possibilities we can offer, please get in contact with us.